Tableware—My pottery for the table consists of a variety of cups, bowls, plates, & platters that are wheel-thrown or slab-built, and intended for daily use. The forms may be round, square, or free-form, and I apply the glaze and decoration with an eye toward enhancing the form.

Vases—Based on the simple cylinder form or slab construction, my work with vases and containers allows me to explore endless combinations of form, texture, and color. The vases are for holding flowers and so I allow them to be thick-walled and weighty, perhaps stone-like, to provide good support and solidity.

4-Covered jar-temmoku
Covered Jars—Covered jars are for containing things, perhaps precious things, and I welcome the challenge of creating jars that may have a precious quality in and of themselves. Themes and ideas emerge in my jars over the years, often repeated but always pointing toward new directions.