My containers for ikebana begin from the cylinder and bowl form, or from basic slab constructions, and are generally glazed in understated tones to allow the beauty of the flower arrangements to shine. Click on thumbnail for larger image and more info. Photos by David Potter and Courtney Frisse.
1-Large slab vase - wave patter.jpg
2-Slab vase-wad marks.jpg
3-Slab vase-turquoise.jpg
4-Round paddled form.jpg
5-Round paddled form, temoku.jpg
6-Black with temoku brn at top.jpg
7-Ash tan cylinder with shell marks.jpg
8-Cylinder with turquoise pours.jpg
9-Cylinder with temoku.jpg
11-Tall cyl with ash glaze drips.jpg
12-Tall cyl with ash glaze drip pattern_2.jpg
13-Vase with blue & turq pattern.jpg
14-Solid form vase spiraled.jpg
15-Solid form vase with glaze drips.jpg