My pottery making is rooted in functionality, in the desire to make things that people can use. This may take the shape of a cup or bowl for the dinner table, or a large slab container for flowers. I make each pot individually by hand, throwing on the potters wheel or assembling from slabs and coils. And using the principles of simplicity and directness to guide my work, I strive to create pottery with a freshness of surface and buoyancy of form.

I most enjoy working in series, making limited numbers of a form and then moving on to the next one. This way of working is conducive to efficient production in the studio, but more than that, it allows me to explore a form and to hopefully come to new understandings. Sometimes it will be that 12th teacup I throw on a quiet morning where the proportion of body to rim finally feels right, and by the 20th cup, I seem to be sailing along effortlessly.