Wood Fired Kiln (“Skyline Cat Kiln”)

•Single chamber down-draft kiln with catenary arch and internal firebox design.
•Approximately 55 cu. feet of stacking space.
•Fires in about 30 hours, using about 1.2 cords of wood.
•We generally use local woods including big leaf maple, alder, pine, & Douglas Fir, and also have a regular supply of scrap cut-offs from a local pallet maker.
•Built in 2005 by Donovan Palmquist who provided both the design and the construction expertise.
•Fired 5 to 6 times per year.

Gas Kiln (Minnesota flat-top design)

•Single chamber down-draft kiln fired with propane gas.
•Approximately 15 cu. feet of stacking space.
•Fires in about 15 hours (not including a short pre-heat) and uses 2 propane gas burners.
•Built at Pincus Pottery Studio in 2001 with some assistance from Motoko Hori, and based on the Minnesota flat-top design by Nils Lou.
•Fired 6 to 10 times per year.